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Little Miss Does Gymnastics

11 Sep

Thanks for sticking with me during my blog change! I really hope you like the new look, the new name, and the new direction. I will be doing a series of posts soon on why the name “Just Like Dandelions” and what the story is behind it! Please feel free to leave comments on your thoughts!

Now, for my first video on the new blog:

Here is the long awaited gymnastics video! I think its safe to say that she loves it!


Happy Birthday, Grandma!!

16 Jul

Yesterday, July 15, was my mother-in-law’s birthday. She turned 30. 😉

I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday, with Mr.’s softball game last night. So, here is our tribute to “Grandma”.

Hope you had a wonderful day!


Happy Birthday, Dear Laura… Betsy….

5 Mar

We were talking about hair, and how Miss Laura was going to come and cut Little Miss and Middle Little’s hair soon. Then, I said, “Do you want to sing “Happy Birthday to Betsy”? She readily agreed, but was clearly a little confused.

Directly after asking to see herself she says, “Now we eat CAKE!!! I will get a fork for us.”

Happy Birthday to my good friend, Betsy! I wish I could spend today celebrating with you, but since I can’t, I will celebrate from afar!

Jesus Loves Me

28 Feb

From early on, Mr. has sung “Jesus Loves Me” to our kids to comfort them. Recently, I have noticed Little Miss singing it to Buddy Boy when he is fussing. Except, her version is a little different.

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus lubs me, this I know

Bubbles tells me no

Little ones him belong

They wiggle he has song

Yes! Jesus lubs me!

Yes! Jesus lubs me!

Yes! Jesus lubs me!

The bubble tells me so!!!!!!

She might not have all the words correct, but her heart is sincere.

Until we meet again,