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Support the Cause

22 Aug

As I am sure we are all aware, there is a current craze taking over social media, known as “The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”. Never heard of it? I don’t believe you.

At first, there was some outrage that people were “dumping ice water on their heads” to “get out of donating to a worthy cause”. I have a few statements to make about this.

1. Knowledge of ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), or sometimes known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is important. Like all diseases, I think raising awareness is very important. I am in full support of dumping ice water on your head to make a scene and make people wonder what it’s all about.

2. I believe that donating money to a cause that you fully support is very noble, and I recommend it.

3. I believe that donating money to a cause you know nothing about is foolish.

With those three things said, let’s move on.

Anyone else remember the hype about Girl Scout cookies, and those who purchased them, because, if you bought cookies you supported abortion?

I find it odd that the same people who “couldn’t eat the cookies”, can dump the water on their heads.

Why, you ask?

Because what you are funding, by doing the ice bucket challenge is very clearly laid out on the ALSA website.

Stem cell research.

The same process that many couples are using to conceive children (IVF), is the exact same process used to find out more about ALS. The major difference? In IVF the hope is that the baby lives. In stem cell research, the goal is to kill the baby before it forms too far.

I am all for supporting the cause. I want to support research to rid the world of this disease. But, I do not support killing babies, no matter how small, to do it. If you are sacrificing one life for another, that doesn’t seem like a win to me.


So, I respectfully bow out of the Ice Bucket Challenge, and encourage you to be informed, and do the same.