25 Years

23 Jun

Today is my 25th birthday. A quarter of a century. Wow. I’m getting old.

The past 25 years have truly been amazing. Some of you know me from way back in the day (Hi, Mom!). Some of you I have just recently met, or have never met at all. So, I thought I would share some of my life with you! Here is a year-by-year list of major things that happened in my life for the past 25 years.

1989 – This is the year that the world gained one of the coolest people ever — Me. And also, Taylor Swift. But, who cares about her?

1990 – Learned to walk.

1991 – Moved in with my grandparents, and started my career as “Most Spoiled Child in America”. Although not good for society, I really liked that title.

1992 – Met my sister and one of my best friends, Brianna.

1993 -Acquired another, brattier sister, who was super fun to pick on, Veronica. (Love you!)

1994 – Started Kindergarten.

1995 – Learned about crimped hair, and insisted mine be crimped. I’ve always been fashion forward, you know.

1996 – Started wearing fake, stylin’ glasses. Again, Fashionista, here!

1997 – Started wearing real, hideous glasses.

1998 –  My dad got re-married, and I gained my arch-enemies, Chris and Emily. Lucky for us, it has worked out, and I like them now. It was rough going for a few years, there.

1999 – Aaron, the cutest little brother in the entire world was born. He is my buddy, and I love him!

2000 –  I survived Y2K.

2001 – I began public school. I wore hideous clothing, and got made fun of. Often. I almost cared.

2002 – Performed at my first ever Fine Arts for the Assemblies of God.

2003 –  Started High School. Truly some of the best years of my life.

2004 – Must have been a boring year for a teenager. I can’t think of anything good.

2005 – Went on the trip of a life time to Denver, CO. (AAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!) (Also, let’s pack up and move to Colorado…)

2006 – Traveled to Florida with Fine Arts and did a “tour” with the team. So much fun, so many memories.

2007 – Graduated High School. Moved to Minnesota.

2008 – Spent my year getting to know the best friend I’ve ever had.

2009 – Fell in love with my best friend and got married to him.

2010 – Little Miss was born, and totally changed my life. I learned so much about love, from a 7 pound, wrinkly bundle of joy.

2011 – Middle Little joined our family. The tiniest, cuddliest baby, won my heart instantly.

2012 – Buddy Boy made a fast entrance into my world, and shocked us by being a boy. He has kept me on my toes ever since, but makes up for it in slobbery kisses and cuteness.

2013 – Had some rough waters, and learned what it really means to cling to my husband and Jesus. Also, was able to attend the birth of my nephew – incredible.

2014 – God moved us from our comfy home church to a brand new baby church, where we are excited to grow with our new church family.


But, even more than the past 25 years, I am so excited about the next 25 years.


Here is my bucket list of 25 things I would like to accomplish in the next 25 years.

  1. Skydive.
  2. Travel to Paris.
  3. Get my Doula Certification.
  4. Build my dream home.
  5. Buy a new car, straight off the lot, never driven by anyone else.
  6. Write a book, and publish it.
  7. Meet Rascal Flatts.
  8. Officiate a wedding.
  9. Drive a School Bus.
  10. Stand in all 50 states of the United States (I have about 20 down. Airports don’t count.)
  11. Write a cookbook. (Different than writing a book.)
  12. Serve on Jury Duty.
  13. Actually, personally pray one on one with someone to receive Christ.
  14. Become a Foster Parent.
  15. Road trip and see all the MLB stadiums with my husband.
  16. Visit Ina May Gaskin’s farm.
  17. Run a 5K.
  18. Sew a quilt for my bed.
  19. Make Thanksgiving dinner, all by myself.
  20. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.
  21. Be at a taping of the Ellen Show.
  22. Renew my wedding vows.
  23. Write my obituary (I know, morbid, but I want it to be good!).
  24. Preach a sermon.
  25. Be a camp counselor. Preferably a teen camp, but we will see.

Some are really lofty goals, and some are easily obtainable. I hope that in 25 years, I can report back that I have accomplished everything on my list, and then some!

What are some of your bucket list items? Are any of yours the same as mine? Let me know in the comments!


One Response to “25 Years”

  1. Janell June 23, 2014 at 5:06 pm #

    Happy Birthday! 25 is a good year 🙂

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