I’m tired. Tired, and thankful.

13 Dec

Last night, my children, again, teamed up against Mr. and myself. So please excuse any and all errors in this post.

This is how my night went last night:

8:00PM- Bedtime.

8:02PM- Little Miss has to go potty.

8:08PM-Middle Little needs a drink.

8:09PM-Little Miss also needs a drink.

There were a few more things, but you get the idea.

Fast forward to midnight.

We decide its bedtime for us, resolving to do a few things that need done in the morning, instead of before bed.

We crawl  fall into bed.


1:00AM- Middle Little needs another drink.

1:15AM- Middle Little is still awake.

1:45AM- Middle Little goes back to bed.

2:30AM- Buddy Boy wakes up.

2:45AM-Buddy Boy is back to sleep.

4:00AM- Middle Little needs yet another drink. And a new diaper, since he has had about a million drinks since he went to bed.

4:15AM- Middle Little is back in bed.

5:03AM- Little Miss is wide awake.

She makes a lot of noise when she wakes up. Volume control is beyond her. Oy.

5:08AM- Middle Little is also awake.

5:09AM- 2 kids and 2 adults are crammed into our queen size bed. Kids are talking, and tickling, and giggling. Parents are shushing, and glaring, and shushing, and shushing.

5:15AM- Everyone is settled and resting nicely.

5:17AM- Middle Little announces, “I need to cuddle with Mommy!!”

Everyone rearranges.

5:25AM- Everyone is settled and resting nicely.

5:32AM- Little Miss whines (loudly, remember the volume control issues?) that now its her turn to cuddle with Mommy.

Everyone rearranges. Again.

5:40AM- Everyone is settled and resting nicely. Again.

5:48AM- Someone made some sort of noise  and Mommy killed everyone and Mommy decides to offer a movie in hopes of a little more rest.

5:50AM- Everyone except Mr. scrambles (loudly) to the living room. I promise them TinkerBell and $100 for anyone who lays nicely on a couch. They both lay down, waiting patiently for the cute little fairy to appear.

6:00AM- Netflix isn’t working and we all died.

6:02AM- I pray to the good Lord above, and promise anything and everything I can think of if He could just please make there be something good on Disney.

6:03AM- I turn to channel 34 (Disney). Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas is on. 


Now, here I sit, sipping my coffee, watching the faces of my two littles as they watch a chaotic tale of Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Am I happy that I am exhausted? No. Am I so very blessed beyond measure that my kids even woke up today? Yes.

There is so much wrong in the world today. So much hate, so much pain.

I can’t fix it.

But, I can enjoy the snuggles of a now sleepy 2 and 3 year old, as they sit on my lap, and thank God for blessing me with these little people.

Out of all the people in the entire world, God chose me to be in charge of these babies.

He sure must love me a lot.


Hug your kids. Count your blessings. Be thankful for what you have, and make sure you thank the One who gave it all to you.



4 Responses to “I’m tired. Tired, and thankful.”

  1. Christina Broll Smith December 13, 2013 at 9:23 am #

    Love this Elisabeth! Such sweet babies!

  2. Jenn Rian December 16, 2013 at 9:04 pm #

    Beautiful! I don’t know what to do with all of this optimism. It’s making me itchy! 😉

    • minuteformama December 17, 2013 at 12:42 pm #

      Sorry. Just don’t spread that itch over here. 😉

  3. Meg December 19, 2013 at 7:31 pm #

    Love this post! A friend of mine recently discovered that her son is really sick, and it made me realize how blessed I am that my daughter is happy and healthy. There are days that I’m exhausted, but every day I am so thankful for her. Thanks for another reminder of how blessed I am that God chose me to be her mama.

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