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Our Engagement

29 Jun

4 short (or long, depending on who you ask)years ago, Mr.  asked me to be his wife. And I said yes. I have never been all that great with remembering our “engagement-versary”, because the time around when it happened was kind of a whirlwind. Before I tell you the story of our engagement, let’s get a few details straight.

1. We live in Minnesota.

2. I am originally from Pennsylvania.

3. This story takes place in Pennsylvania, because Mr. was there to meet my family.

Now, where were we?

Right. I am about to get engaged….

There are two versions of this story. The one that actually happened, and the one I tell people.

Here is the “nice” version:

We had taken a scenic drive from Central Pennsylvania to Western Pennsylvania. We were headed out to see some family that lives out in Grove City, and to introduce them to Mr. Upon arriving in Grove City, Mr. says, “Let’s have a picnic lunch before we go meet your family.”

I responded with, “Ok. That sounds good.”

We drove to a nearby park and unpacked our food. Sitting at a picnic table in a secluded area of the park, we enjoyed the sounds of a small man-made stream, and pleasant conversation.

For my birthday, which was just a few days prior, Mr. had purchased a fantastic camera for me. I was so excited to capture a few shots in the park, using some of the cool features on my new toy. After finishing our lunch, I decided to walk up a small incline and take some pictures of the water and surrounding areas.

See. I told you it had cool features. The photo above is NOT Photoshopped. My camera did that. All by itself. With some help from me, of course.

As I walked around, Mr. says, “Why don’t we go up to the top of that stream and take some pictures up there?”

Feeling excited to take more pictures with my new camera, I quickly agreed.

On our way up to the top of the stream, Mr. insisted that we take a picture of ourselves.

Here we are! This picture is pre-engagement.

So, as we walked up to the top of this stream, I saw a rock at the top of it.

See that tree up there? I was standing BEHIND that tree.

It looked flat enough to stand on and take some cool pictures from “above” the water. I decided to go stand on it. Mr. followed me up, and as I stepped up onto the rock, he turned me to face him. Once I was facing him, he hugged me and whispered in my ear, “Have I ever told you that you are my favorite?”

I replied with something smart-alecy, like, “I think once or twice….”

To which he responded, “Oh. Well, have I ever told you that you are the best?”

You see, before we ventured into the realm of, “I love you”, we would say these things to each other. Kind of our own little, “I love you”, without the commitment. So, usually, the conversation would go like this:

Mr: Have I ever told you that you are the best?

Me: That depends… the best what?

Mr: The best friend?

Me: You’ve said it once or twice…

Mr: Oh, well have I told you that you are the best… Scrabble opponent?

Me: A few times….

Mr: Well, what about the best girlfriend?

Me: You’ve said it before, but I could stand to hear it again.

Mr: Well, you are the best. The best girlfriend.

See how cute we were?

Anyway, on this day, the conversation went like this:

Mr: Have I ever told you that you are my favorite?

Me: Once or twice…

Mr: Oh, well, have I ever told you that you are the best?

Me: That depends… the best what?

Mr: The best friend?

Me: You’ve mentioned it…

Mr: The best girlfriend?

Now, I was a little thrown off by this, because that is not how the conversation is SUPPOSED to go.

Me: Ummmm…. yes…..

Mr: Well, what if instead of the best girlfriend, you became my wife? The best wife?

Me: Ok….

Mr. looks at me a bit confused.

Me: I mean, yes! I am supposed to say, “Yes”, right?

Mr: Well, you aren’t supposed to say anything. But, I would really like it if you said yes.

Me: If I say “Yes”, do I get a pretty ring?

Mr: Oh… right, the ring!

Isn’t it so shiny and sparkly?!?!

I had intended to take a ton of pictures of the area where we got engaged, but alas, I did not. That ring hit my finger, and I had people to call, rooftops to shout from, I was engaged!!!!

I did however remember to take about 400 pictures of my new bling!

This is us, after he “popped the question”.

And, for good measure, one more picture of my ring!

Now, the reason that this story gets lost in my brain, is because the next day my niece was born, the day after that, Mr. flew back to MN, and I was left to plan a wedding all alone! It worked out just fine, but it was such a whirlwind experience, I can never seem to remember what day it happened on!

I do however, remember vividly,  being so incredibly in love, and feeling on top of the world. June 30, 2013 marks 4 years since that day, and I am shocked at how much more in love I feel today than I did then. I am so incredibly blessed to have such a fantastic partner in crime by my side. I can’t believe that out of all of the people on this Earth, he chose me. And for that, Mr., YOU are the best.

P.s.- Maybe I’ll post the real version next year. 😉


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