Cute Baby

4 Mar

I love when people tell me my kids are cute.DSC_0342_edited-1

Not like, “Oh, you have a new baby. He’s cute.” But, the unprovoked, stranger walks up to you in a store and tells you, “He is SO cute.”

They don’t have to tell you that. Your friends and family, they have to tell you that your kids are cute. Its a rule somewhere. I just know it. Anyway, I like when people tell me I have cute kids. It feels as though I have at least accomplished providing the world with some cute children. I don’t have to be the best cook, or the most knowledgeable mom, or the craftiest (I mean, I want to be all of those, but I  don’t have to be), as long as I keep picking the right genes when making children. Cause, you get to pick those things, you know. Maybe that’s why my kids are cuter than yours… because you didn’t know you were supposed to pick genes.  And did.

I also like when people tell me I have a cute dog.

IMG_1717Unlike the genes for my children, I actually DID pick him. And he is cute. And I like him.


This story is about a particular gentleman that I encountered at the grocery store.

I was standing in the cereal aisle, a man behind me says, “Oh, what a cute baby! How old is he?”

I replied with a polite, “Thank you. He is 4 months old.”

The man he then says, “Yeah… my brother has a baby who was born in October. I think he is 4 months old… counts on fingers 1 -2-3-4… Yeah, 4 months.”

Not really knowing what to say at this point, I grab a box of cereal and say, “It was nice chatting. Have a good evening.”


I finished my shopping and left the store. As I approached my car, I realized there was someone standing by my vehicle, talking through the window. When I got closer the person turned and looked at me. He says, “Is this your car?”

I told him, “Yes. It is.”

He says, “Then that must be your dog, too…?”

I kind of chuckled, “Yep. That is my dog, in that car, which is also mine.”

He said,  recognizing me from inside, “Cute dog and a cute baby. Seems fitting for a cute lady.”

Not quite knowing how to answer that, I said, “Thanks.” And awkwardly brushed my hair out of my face so as to not get poked in the eye by my bangs.

In doing so, I apparently flashed my wedding band, because he then says, “Oh… you’re married. Is your husband cute, too?” and laughs.

I quickly respond, “Well, I sure think so! Have a good night!”

I then proceeded to get in my car and laugh. For a long time.


Not only did a total stranger compliment my baby and my dog, and hit on me, he also, inadvertently hit on my husband. I love going grocery shopping!


Hope you had a great Monday!




2 Responses to “Cute Baby”

  1. CoolMama March 4, 2013 at 10:17 pm #

    Oh my goodness! I just kept thinking, “Grab the pepper spray!”
    Your kids ARE really cute, though 🙂 People used to stop us every time we went out to tell us how pretty Adaline was. Now that she’s older and has that “I will bite you.” look on her face, strangers quit approaching us 😉 Your doggy is adorable!

  2. trish March 5, 2013 at 6:19 pm #

    you’re cuter than them all!!! btw: didn’t your mother teach you not to talk to strangers???? ha ha! love you!

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