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Jesus Loves Me

28 Feb

From early on, Mr. has sung “Jesus Loves Me” to our kids to comfort them. Recently, I have noticed Little Miss singing it to Buddy Boy when he is fussing. Except, her version is a little different.

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus lubs me, this I know

Bubbles tells me no

Little ones him belong

They wiggle he has song

Yes! Jesus lubs me!

Yes! Jesus lubs me!

Yes! Jesus lubs me!

The bubble tells me so!!!!!!

She might not have all the words correct, but her heart is sincere.

Until we meet again,



10 Things About Me

27 Feb

While writing this post, I keep hearing the “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you….” song.

1. I love to cook, but hate to clean. Therefore, I cook and leave a giant mess in the kitchen, which results in me not wanting to cook, because in order to cook, I would have to clean, and as mentioned before, I hate to clean. *breath*

2. I have no fashion style. I wear mostly jeans and Old Navy t-shirts that I have owned since high school. No, they don’t really fit. Thanks for bringing that up…

3. My hair has no style either. Well, I suppose technically, long and puffy is a “style”. Kind of like “mullet” – a style, but definitely not a good one.

4. I don’t wear make-up. I never really learned how to properly apply it, so it scares me. Well, maybe not “scares”. Just, “annoys” me. Yeah… annoys. Boy, I am getting annoyed just thinking about make-up.

5. I am a little lot OCD when it comes to matching.  Things that don’t match make me absolutely NUTS!!! This includes socks, plates on a table, furniture, etc.

6. I hate Twitter, yet I have an account. #can’tstandhashtags

7. I love my husband. However, if either Shemar Moore or a member of Rascal Flatts showed up and asked me out, I would leave him. Except when they were filming or touring, then I would still be with my husband. 

8. I hate being naked. This is beneficial to you, because no one wants to see me naked. Except doctors… they always make me take my clothes off when I go to visit them. But, they also give me a robe (at least that’s what they call the piece of paper they give me).

9. I sell Usborne Books. They are amazing children’s books, and you probably need some, so visit my website. (I’ll post my site later… its currently down for maintenance.)

10. I absolutely love F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

You’re welcome, by the way… for all this pointless information. Oh, and for getting this song stuck in your head:

Until we meet again,

-Smokin’ Hot Mama

(Mr. requested I sign out with this. Don’t worry. It will change)